Who we are

Uplift Relief & Development Agency (Uplift Relief) is a dynamic Somali-based agency that delivers emergency relief and implements long term, resilience-building projects at community level. Uplift Relief is a nonprofit, nonpolitical and non-religious NGO registered in Somalia in April 2019 with Certificate of Registration Number 754. Uplift Relief was established in response to multiple humanitarian crises – COVID-19 pandemic, the extraordinary 2021-2023 drought, prolonged conflict, endless displacements and violence across Somalia. 

Uplift Relief was initially registered in Baidoa, South West State of Somalia, and later licensed by the Federal Government of Somalia to operate in all other states. It is headquartered in Baidoa with field offices and teams in other administrative states.

Vision statement

By the grace of God, Uplift Relief aims to be a major facilitator of relief and resilience building efforts across Somalia.

Mission statement

Uplift Relief exists to offer immediate, life-saving relief, and to build climate resilience among impoverished individuals, households, and communities in partnership with like-minded international agencies, state actor, and none-state agencies.

Our Core Values

Our values guide the manner in which we complete our daily work. They are the basis on which we interact with each other and with our target groups.

Uplift Relief’s integrity framework

We seek to apply these value commitments in the interaction with our key stakeholders, including beneficiaries, partners, donors, and colleagues. For that purpose, Uplift’s Relief Integrity Framework was developed, comprising of three main pillars: integrity standards and norms, reporting complaints, and addressing complaints.

Code of Conduct

Staff Beneficiaries & Partners

Per category of complaints

Communication Training Awareness raising

Codes and policies

We reach out to people in need, irrespective of their ethnicity or gender. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity in all our activities. As such, we have extensive policies and procedures in place. We adhere to the following quality standards and codes.

Governance structure/organizational

1.6. Governance structure/organizational chart

Making Tangible Contributions to SDGs in Somalia’