Social Enterprise

In an age of declining donor funding & increasingly difficult to find reliable long-term support for projects, Uplift Relief intends to employ social enterprise model known as “ME to UPLIFT” with the dual purpose of delivering much needed services to vulnerable communities or creating employment opportunities & generate sustainable income by selling goods and services to fund our charitable work.  The key benefit of our social enterprise approach is to find solutions to most social and environmental challenges existing in the communities we are operating in and create financial security ensuring continuity of our social cause and long-term impact.

The corporate structure of “ME to UPLIFT” Social Enterprise is “legally separate and distinct from Uplift Relief & Development Agency. Therefore exists to both support the sustainable development model of our organization, and provide a sustainable source of funding in support of Uplift Relief’s social mission. We donate a minimum of 50% of our net profits annually to support Uplift Relief while the outstanding balance is re-invested to grow the mission of the social enterprise.  Every “ME to UPLIFT” project is filtered through two lenses: